CANA Advocacy & Campaigns


JUST AS WHEN WE LAUNCHED our project ‘Pera Natin To!during the presidency of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo when we criticised the practise of politicians putting their names and faces on things that were built and paid for out of the people’s money – so we believe it is wrong for politicians to campaign against greater transparency and accountability around public funds.

Just that Pera Natin To! Was set up to build public ownership of public money, so CANA is designed to help take public ownership of government and help ensure government always works for and on behalf of the People.

Check back here in the next few weeks as we launch our ideas and the first CANA competition for the best student poster and sticker designs. In the coming months, CANA will be reaching out to various government departments -including the Department of Education- to see how we can root citizen understanding and participation in government as a key subject for school discussion.

Post your thoughts and comments here and check back soon.