'Friendly governance watchdog' in Bohol

THE BOHOL Transparency Network for Transformation (Bohol TNT) is a Tagbilaran City-based citizen advocacy group that aims to unite the efforts of the media, civil society and other sectors in promoting public transparency and accountability in the province of Bohol.

Founded in 2011 with the support of the Citizen Action Network for Accountability’s (CANA) predecessor, the Philippine Public Transparency Reporting Project (PPTRP), Bohol TNT seeks to contribute to national efforts in building citizen and local community action around local government units (LGUs). It aims to improve transparency and accountability in the province by making sure that LGUs always work for the best interest of the citizens, particularly the poorest and marginalized sectors of the society.

Bohol TNT, also known as the province’s “friendly governance watchdog”, focuses in doing research on the status of public funds and foreign and local donations for the recovery of communities which the deadly earthquake in October 2013 affected. It also plans to research on the allegedly worsening drug problem in Tagbilaran City and the corresponding local government action on this, as well as on the fund management and coordination for the restoration of Bohol’s historical churches which the earthquake ruined.

The group is also further strengthening and consolidating its network in the province through education and capacity building. Photos from Ric Obedencio/ Bohol TNT