Calapan citizens partner with CANA for public transparency 



CALAPAN CITY, Oriental Mindoro – A group of concerned citizens has committed to pursue its initiatives for public transparency and accountability and collaborate with the Citizen Action Network for Accountability (CANA) to better understand how local governments, particularly in Calapan City, work and to engage them to improve service delivery. 

calapan students - open forum

The Alliance for Good Governance in Calapan (All-Go-Go Calapan) has also committed to enjoin the youth more because they will be the nation’s next leaders. All-Go-Go Calapan is composed of church workers, civil society members, media, academics, businessmen and professionals in the city. Among the highlights of their work was their multi-sectoral protest rally against the pork barrel held here last year at the height of the corruption scandal involving senators and congress representatives. 

As kick-off, All-Go-Go held a College Students’ Forum on Citizen Action on January 25 at the Community Learning Center in Calapan (CLCC) in collaboration with CANA. About 30 college student leaders from six colleges here took part in the discussion on how citizens like them could take part in actions to engage the local governments for better transparency and service delivery. 

The students acknowledged they have big roles in raising awareness of their fellow students on issues such as public finances, access to information and good governance. They look forward to more forums like this in their respective campuses and with more students taking part. 

CANA’s forum presentation could be downloaded here: 

Citizen Action by CANA