What You Need to Know about Citizen Interactive:

What is Citizen Interactive? 

Citizen Interactive is IWPR’s newest initiative which uses mobile phone-based reporting and survey system to enable ordinary citizens like us to have a voice on how our local governments work and use our money. It works to increase citizen voice and action towards transparency and accountability.

By using your cell phone & interacting with our system, you could take part in surveys, be informed about LGU topics, report about your local government officials, and suggest on how to make your LGU perform better for the benefit of all – all at no cost from you.

Who can use Citizen Interactive? 

Any concerned Filipino citizen who has a mobile phone – whether smartphone or analogs cell phone – can use Citizen Interactive for free! As long as you have the desire to observe and report on how your Mayor, Governor, Councilors or even your Barangay Officials perform their duties, Citizen Interactive will be the ideal tool for you to share your comments and suggestions to help your local government officials perform better.

How can I make the most out of Citizen Interactive? 

  1. Explore the hotline:  Just text INTERACT to 2929-04977 and wait for the call back. Afterwards, follow the voice prompt and use your mobile phone’s keypad to dial in your choices, namely the following:
  • Learn more about Citizen Interactive & CANA-Scale Up
  • Submit a report
  • Leave feedback & inquiries 
  • Unsubscribe
  1. Participate in surveys: 
    For subscribers:  If you are already a subscriber by the time a survey is launched, the system will automatically send you the voice call survey. Afterwards, follow the voice prompt and use your mobile phone’s keypad to dial in your answers.

    For interested subscribers:  Just text SURVEY to 2929-04977 and wait for the call back.  Afterwards, follow the voice prompt and use your mobile phone’s keypad to dial in your answers.
  1. Receive LGU info campaigns: Be informed about a range of topics including LGU transparency, budget, audit and taxation, tips and tools on monitoring your LGU and many more!

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe? 

Send the SURVEY or INTERACT keywords to subscribe to Citizen Interactive.

To unsubscribe, just text INTERACT to 2929-04977 and wait for the call back. Afterwards, follow the voice prompt to reach the Unsubscribe option.

Do I need to subscribe before using Citizen Interactive? 

No, you only need to send in the corresponding keyword of the function you want to use.  However, you need to be a subscriber to automatically receive voice call surveys and info campaigns as soon as these are launched, unlike non-subscribers who will need to trigger any Citizen Interactive campaign/function first.

I have something to report about our local public officials. How can I send this to Citizen Interactive? 

It is very easy: Just text INTERACT to 2929-04977 and wait for the call back. Afterwards, follow the voice prompt and use your mobile phone’s keypad to key in your choices. You will be given three minutes to record your concern, so remember to keep your reports brief but meaningful. 

I just called in a report. What happens next? 

The reports you send will be verified and compiled by the CANA-Scale Up into the Citizen Action Map (https://citizenactionph.crowdmap.com/). These citizen reports will also be forwarded to concerned government agencies for proper action. For more serious and urgent issues, a full-blown investigative report may be written and published based on your report. 

I want to send in a report but I don’t want to reveal my identity. Can I still send a report? 

Yes! You may opt not to leave your name when calling in a report. Still, we encourage that you leave your name and contact details so we can follow up with you should we need further details. Rest assured that your identity will be handled with utmost confidentiality.

How many times can I send an SMS to Citizen Interactive? 

You can send a maximum of three SMS messages to 2929-04977 in a day. After reaching this limit, you can send another message after 24 hours. 

I sent in the correct SMS keyword but I received no call back/SMS reply. What should I do? 

Please wait for the call back or SMS reply for up to 15 minutes before re-sending the SMS keyword. If you've exceeded the daily SMS limit, please try again after 24 hours. If problems persist, please contact us at (+632) 376-5550.

Maraming salamat!