Welcome to the CANA Learning Zone

DESPITE WHAT PEOPLE SAY, WHILE government transparency is a great start – by itself, it is not enough to ensure accountability. Your LGU may publish its budget – but do you know how to read it? 

For us to be sure government is always working in our interest we have to understand how it works. The more we as citizens can understand, monitor and explain to others how bureaucracy works –the more we can confidently engage – and the more informed and confident we are, the more government will pause and listen to us.

It is a simple as that.

In the past, government has done pretty much what it has wanted because ordinary people didn’t fully understand, didn’t monitor and didn’t engage and speak out.

Not any more.

The balance of power is changing.

Power and authority comes from understanding –and organisation. Simply, if we have more understanding about government – and if we are organised, we the People can help to control and direct government to do what we want.

It will take time – but ultimately it is as simple as that.

The CANA Learning Zone is designed to help ordinary citizens start learning and understanding more about how government – and public finances work – particularly how LGUs work and what their functions and responsibilities are to us – the people who elect them, pay their salaries and who they ultimately must report to.