THE MORE INFORMATION WE HAVE ABOUT local government units (LGUs) and delivery agencies of government, the more we can engage and help them improve on transparency, accountability and governance.

In this section you will find national and local baseline assessment studies of selected provinces, survey findings, evaluation reports, and data on LGU incomes and expenditures in pre-selected areas nationwide. Over time we aim to build up a comprehensive research library as possible, breaking down data and information into systematic, reliable and easily to understand reports, assessments and surveys which are all aimed at helping you – you the citizen – better able to understand and start thinking about how you can and should be getting involved in the cause of forging greater accountability.

This will also be the place where we will be promoting and helping to test new citizen-driven ways of monitoring, measuring and evaluating LGU performance. So check back often!

In the meantime, come on, click on to learn more about the political and economic realities in your province and the performance of your LGU so far.