Faith and action from Zamboanga Sibugay citizens for good governance 

The Sibugaynon Lihok Ngadto sa Nagpakanabang Katawhan (Movement of Sibugaynons towards Active Participation or SILINGAN KA!) is a citizen-led movement in the province of Zamboanga Sibugay that works for good governance, clean and honest elections and effective delivery of public goods and services.

SILINGAN KA! aims to independently monitor, report on and push for improved accountability and transparency of local government units (LGUs) in the barangay, municipal or provincial level. It also aspires to demonstrate to Sibugaynons that as citizens, they have a voice and power to understand, monitor and engage with the local government and eventually help improve governance for the good of all social sectors in the province of Zamboanga Sibugay.

It sustains its objectives for “consultation, information, and education” with citizens in the province on issues linked with good governance and public transparency and accountability.

Formed in September 2007 in response to the Ipil Prelature’s concern on graft and corruption, particularly the massive fraud during the elections, SILINGAN KA! works to involve more citizens in battling graft and corruption, vote buying, vote selling and other social ills which put the poorest and more marginalized peoples in difficult situations.

In October 2013, SILINGAN KA!, through the Social Action Ministry (SAM)-Ipil began collaborating with the Citizen Action Network for Accountability (CANA) to increase citizen participation and engagement of LGUs in the province, particularly to make sure public goods and services reach the people.

Since it formally forged partnership with CANA in June 2014, SILINGAN KA! has been working to strengthen its linkages in the province through lobbying and networking with civil society groups, leading to the formation and formal registration in September 2014 of the Zamboanga Sibugay Civil Society Organization for Good Governance (ZSCSOGG) as an umbrella watchdog group.

Today, SILINGAN KA! works in 16 municipalities and 22 parishes in the province and continues to find and hone a new breed of civil servants.